Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training e-Learning

Mandatory Training e-Learning

5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust have commissioned Learning Industries to provide a package of e-learning to support the delivery of mandatory training within the Trust. The package will comprise both existing content, customised to the requirements of the Trust, alongside a new module on Infection Prevention and Control.

The mandatory training e-learning package will include existing modules covering: Manual Handling; Working Safely (Health & Safety, Risk Management, Security, Incident Reporting, Fire Safety), Patient Care (Violence & Aggression, Customer Service, Communication, Consent), Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Data Protection and Confidentiality, Mental Capacity Act, and Corporate Employment (Governance, Equality & Diversity, Freedom of Information, Records Management, Environment).

This content, previously developed in collaboration with other Trusts in England and Wales, is now being customised to the requirements of the 5 Boroughs Partnership in collaboration with subject specialists and leads from within the Trust.

The new module on Infection Prevention and Control will cover: Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Blood and Bodily Fluids, Sharps Awareness, Cleanliness and Care of Equipment, Clean Healthcare Environment, Safe Handling and Disposal of Waste, Safe Laundering, and Prevention of Occupational Exposure. This module is being developed in collaboration with the Trustís Infection Control Lead.

The complete package will be installed within the Trust, supported by the Learning Industriesí e-Learning Administration System; which will be used to track and record user progress and attainment, and to provide managers with the facility to filter and report this information for governance and staff review purposes.

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01 February 2008