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Business Continuity Management is the process that helps manage the risks to the smooth running of the organisation in the delivery of its services, ensuring that essential business can continue in the event of a disruption and can be sustained in the event of an emergency.

This module covers how Business Continuity Management enables a healthcare organization to identify key services which, if interrupted for any reason, would have the greatest impact upon the community, the health economy and the organisation; Identify and reduce the risks and threats to the continuation of these key services and develop plans which enable the organisation to recover and/or maintain core services in the shortest possible time.

Business continuity is an essential aspect of healthcare planning: the module introduces how to conduct relevant service impact analysis in order to focus planning on key areas, linking to the development of an effective Service Continuity Plan (SCP) used to identify and evaluate the impact of incidents on services which in turn illustrates how to develop prevention and mitigation strategies.