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CBRNE and HAZMAT e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training for NHS staff on CBRNe and HAZMAT incidents.

The module identifies what differentiates CBRNe and HAZMAT incidents. It explains the vital role of Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) Planning in ensuring the Trust can respond to an incident.

The module covers the risks presented by CBRNe events and introduces the Initial Operational Response programme. The challenges of presenting patients, initial response, the Step 1-2-3- Plus protocol and lockdown decisions are covered in the content.

Processes for Command and Control, operational response, dynamic risk assessment and managing patient flow are explained. Roles and responsibilities of staff groups, including incident majors, are also highlighted.

The importance of contaminant recognition, decontamination procedures, radiation scanning and appropriate PPE/PRPS are covered.