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Co-Occurring Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Use Conditions (COMHAD) (also known informally as Dual Diagnosis) e-Learning

The Co-Occurring Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Use Conditions (COMHAD) e-Learning raises awareness of the commanility of people who have mental health problems and drug or alcohol problems which exist at the same time. It explores why people use drugs and alcohol and the link between mental illness and substance abuse including the increased risk of suicide. The additional challenges presented when caring for people with COMHAD are introduced and the importance of screening and assessment explained.

Ways to support change for people with COMHAD are identified, including the importance of understanding that relapse is an inevitable aspect of recovery for people with these conditions.

The role of safety planning is explained and example safety plans included to promote their benefits for people with COMHAD, emphasizing how the use of safety plans can help to reduce suicide risk.

This e learning can be used by any staff who work in mental health or wider aspects of healthcare who encounter people at risk of COMHAD.