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Controlled Drugs e-Learning

An e-learning module covering all aspects of the management of controlled drugs for staff within the NHS, mental health and social care settings; covering CDs stationery, ordering, receipt, storage and key holding, prescribing, administration, stock keeping, removal and disposal and PODs.

The Controlled Drugs e-Learning module promotes the safe, secure and effective management of controlled drugs in NHS, mental health and social case settings.

The package introduces the risks and accountability for controlled drugs; describes relevant Controlled Drugs legislation and schedules, including legislative changes resulting from the Shipman Inquiry. The module also illustrates best practice in the ordering, receipt, storage, key holding, prescribing, administration and stock keeping of controlled drugs. The need for correct witnessing is included.

Controlled stationery is included. The importance of clear and accurate record keeping in order to provide complete audit trails for Control Drug usage is emphasised.

Versions of the module are available for Acute (including Theatres), Mental Health, Independent and Social Care organisations. A separate Controlled Drugs for Witnesses is also available.