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Mental Health Act e-Learning

The Mental Health Act 1983 is the legislation governing the formal detention and care of mentally disordered people in hospital. It is essential that mental health professionals have a sound knowledge of the most commonly used 'Sections' and procedures; comply with the Act and adhere to the associated Code of Practice.

The Mental Health Act e-Learning introduces the Mental Health Act and the 'Sections' used for the compulsory admission of civil patients; the detention of forensic (criminal) patients; the treatment of patient with or without consent; and the treatment of patients under Community Treatment Orders (CTOs).

The Mental Health Act e-Learning module introduces the Mental Health Act and discussed the application of the Act and key concepts, such as the detention and treatment of patients, the role of key professionals and the rights of the patient and the 'Nearest Relative'. The e-learning provides detailed discussions of the Sections used to detain civil patients suffering from a mental disorder (PartII); used by criminal courts to detain forensic (criminal) patients in hospital for the assessment or treatment of a mental disorder (Part III); used for the compulsory treatment of mental health service users detained in hospital (Part IV); and used for the treatment of patients within the community, under a Community Treatment Order (CTO).