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Safeguarding Children (Level 3) e-Learning

The Safeguarding Children (Level 3) e-Learning prepares staff for participation in safeguarding children processes from the point of referral, through to strategy discussions, core group meetings, child in need meetings, child protection conferences and other meetings in relation to safeguarding children.

The e-learning describes the rolls and responsibilities for staff and agencies involved in promoting the welfare of children and in the safeguarding children process.

The need to share information between agencies and across professional boundaries is demonstrated through a series of scenarios. The use of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to facilitate multi-agency working in assessing and supporting the needs of children and young people is described.

The specific needs and statutory responsibilities of organisations to manage the health and welfare of Looked After Children are described.

The safeguarding process, following a child safeguarding referral, is described in detail, with the purpose, participants, timescales, contributions and outcomes of each stage of the process explained.